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We read a terrific analysis by John Blossom of Shore Communications called Vanishing Frontier: Online Premium Content Pioneers Adapt to a Crowded Neighborhood. John provides a sweeping overview of the market landscape for premium content. John says, “There really isn't an "online content market" but instead many opportunities to leverage online and other channels for maximizing penetration of business and consumer content markets.” 

At Newstex, we agree that there are many opportunities still left for new and established publishers, information aggregators, and enterprises to interesting things with content. New vendors will spring up and get rich.

John says, “When pioneers in the early western frontier of America started to see smoke from neighbors' chimneys, many decided that it was time to move on to fresh territory. The territory in today's content marketplace that's freshest is found not so much in unexplored media as it is in the imaginations of content providers willing to look at familiar ground in new and profitable ways.”

We agree John, and we would add an observation that this business is not just a science. It is also very much an art. And the winners will be those companies that can combine art and science to meet an untapped need in the market.

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