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Twitter, Facebook, and other social sharing tools and website have changed the fundamental culture of blogging. Anyone who has been blogging for more than five years remembers how bloggers supported and shared each other's content before Twitter and Facebook debuted. We didn't retweet a link or like a post. We wrote about the other blogger's post on our own blogs and included a link to the original post within our new post. For blogs that accepted trackbacks, those backlinks would appear within the comments section of the original post, and of course, the incoming links to the original post would help the blog's search engine rankings and traffic. Blog carnivals and link round-up posts were popular in the old days for the same reason. It's never been a secret that Google values backlinks highly in its search algorithm.Today, things work a bit differently. People tweet, like, and +1. Last year, Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo launched Tribber -- a tool that they hope will enable smaller bloggers (the 99% of the blogosphere as Tribber refers to them) gain some traction against the blogging giants that grew and benefited from the backlink culture that pervaded the blogosphere years ago.It's free to join Triberr. Just connect your Twitter account and your blog's RSS feed to your new Triberr profile, find tribes to join (or start your own), and start publishing great blog posts. Other members of your tribe will see your new posts in their streams and they can choose to share them on their social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and StumbleUpon. You can also share their blog posts through your own social profiles. By joining tribes, you can significantly extend your reach to all of your tribe mates' social followers, too. Of course, that reach is only as effective as your tribe's overall activity. If no one in your tribes shares your content, then that tribe isn't really helping you at all.


Triberr isn't the first tool created to help bloggers gain wider exposure by cross-promoting content across the blogosphere. Other cross-promotional models have come and gone through tools like BlogRush, MyBlogLog, and Entrecard. Only time will tell if Triberr will have a longer life than each of those tools.There are many ways for bloggers to gain wider exposure and increase traffic to their blogs. The best option is to pursue multiple opportunities. Try Triberr, syndicate your content to professional offline audiences through Newstex, share content via your social profiles, and don't forget to promote other bloggers' posts on your old blog the way we did it in the old days -- blog about their posts and include links to those posts within your own post. A single tool or tactic is rarely enough to build a large audience for a blog these days.Image:

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