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Earlier this month, Twitter announced changes to its API along with some data to support the change. However, a study by Sysomos puts that data into clearer perspective.Twitter reported that 90% of Twitter users do not use non-official Twitter apps (apps that Twitter doesn't own or control). Statistics from Sysomos provide a very different story. As you can see in the pie chart below, Sysomos analyzed 25 million tweets that were published on March 11, 2011 and learned that only 58% of those tweets were published using an official Twitter app.

Sysomos broke down the 48% of tweets published using a non-official Twitter app and found that UberSocial and TweetDeck were the most popular as shown in the pie chart below.

Sysomos explains why there is such a discrepancy in the data reported by Twitter related to the use of non-official apps and the data collected by Sysomos. In simplest terms, more power Twitter users are using non-official Twitter apps and more people who have Twitter accounts and don't tweet at all (or tweet very little) are using official Twitter apps. Since Twitter's data relied on the number of Twitter users and the data collected by Sysomos relied on the number of actual tweets, the results look and sound very different.Do you use a non-official Twitter app to publish tweets and manage your Twitter account? Leave a comment and tell us which app you prefer and why.Images: Sysomos

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