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Is there even any doubt anymore that Twitter is here to stay?  It has become a key form of communication and authoritative content publishing and sharing, and events from the first month of 2010 only further solidify Twitter's place as a vital tool of the 21st century.The tragic earthquakes in Haiti have been a top subject on Twitter since the first tremor struck earlier this month and this week Twitter went down when a second earthquake hit and the site became flooded with traffic and tweets.  Twitter became a vital source for sharing breaking news, helping loved ones find each other, sharing information about donating money to help Haitian citizens, and more.  It's truly amazing how Twitter has helped to shrink the world, and it's hard to believe that the tool has only been around for a few years.Even reporters are using Twitter to replace or supplement their work.  In a blog post published earlier this week on Web Ink Now, David Meerman Scott wrote about his trip to a senate rally where President Obama spoke.  David sat in the press area during the event and took a video (shown below) of a few of the many reporters he saw using Twitter to communicate news throughout the event.  He even spoke with a reporter from the Washington Times who shared her story saying she uses TweetDeck to keep track of her thoughts during events.  You can read more about David's experience on his Web Ink Now blog.So really, is there even any doubt anymore that Twitter is here to stay?  More importantly, is there any doubt that it now holds an important place as a vital source for communication, news, and authoritative content?Did you know Newstex syndicates authoritative Twitter content?  If you're a publisher, you can learn more about syndicating your Twitter content here, and if you're a distributor, you can learn more about Twitter content syndication through Newstex here.