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Authoritative content is content that audiences can depend on. It’s published by credible sources who know what they’re talking about. They’re knowledgeable in their fields and insightful, and people trust what they say.

Authoritative content can be defined with the 3 Rs:

Reliable: The audience can trust that the content is high quality and useful.

Responsible: The audience can trust that the publisher acted responsibly in creating the content and the information contained within it is truthful and dependable.

Reputable: The audience can trust that the publisher is a credible expert or person who has a depth of knowledge, experience, and/or unique insights into the content topic.

Importantly, authoritative content is independent and original.

Combined, all of these elements make authoritative content highly valuable.

A wide variety of people publish authoritative content with independent commentary on important topics. They may have formal credentials, or they could simply be professionals with years of experience.

Authoritative content will be well-written and well-structured, but it must also be substantive, which means the writer does more than just rehash content that someone else already published.

But how do people use authoritative content?

Authoritative content is in demand among specific audiences

Imagine you’re a businessperson who needs information about a competitor’s products to make a decision about your upcoming marketing strategies. You search online for insights and you get pages of unreliable sources and irrelevant content.

That’s not what you need. Instead, you need quick access to content that’s actually useful. In other words, you need authoritative content.

Luckily, your business subscribes to a content distributor’s platform such as LexisNexis. You log into your subscription, enter a search phrase, and instantly find exactly what you need from sources you can trust. You just found authoritative content! Of course, you can find authoritative content on the open web, but it will take longer. You’ll need to sift through a lot of low-quality results until you find material you can trust.

Some other instances where authoritative content is essential are:

• An author who needs information to write a book

• A journalist who needs to finish a news article

• A scholar who needs to complete a research paper

• A lawmaker who seeks insights to guide decision-making

• An attorney who needs information for a case

• A business professional who wants fresh perspectives to make a decision

Of course, before people can use authoritative content, they need to be able to find it.

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How to get your authoritative content to the audiences who need it

If you’re an authoritative content publisher who writes a blog, online magazine, or other digital publication about an in-demand topic, then professional audiences would love to have access to your content.

The easiest way to help them find it is by distributing your content through the subscription services professional audiences already use, including LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters Westlaw, ProQuest, Moody’s NewsEdge, and others. However, convincing one of these big content distributors to include your content can be challenging--if not impossible.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can license your content for syndication through Newstex. We work with leading distributors to provide them with the sort of authoritative content their subscribers need.

Newstex syndicates content from independent publishers like you to these large distributors so subscribers get the content they need and you can get the exposure you want. You’ll also earn money when distributors’ subscribers access your content.

The best part for publishers is that Newstex lets you reach top distributors for free: it does not charge you for its syndication service. And since you retain ownership of your content, you’re not limited to syndicating through Newstex. This allows you to pursue other opportunities to expand your audience or make money.

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Your next steps

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