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quality not quantity

The content creators that syndicate their content through Newstex are editorially selected as Authoritative Content publishers. But what makes content authoritative? What sets premium, credible, and trustworthy content apart from the abundance of inferior content published online every day?In a recent article from Content Rules, three suggestions were provided for how content creators can raise content standards in order to boost the overall quality of content published online:

  1. Content publishers must recognize that you get what you pay for.
  2. Content developers must focus on semantics to make their content intelligent.
  3. Content creators must link content to business strategy.

I agree with all three of these suggestions. Far too many companies and online publishers turn to cheap content mills to churn out massive amounts of content in an effort to boost search traffic to their websites. However, the vast majority of that content is very low quality, filled with errors and inaccuracies, and ineffective in building appropriate brand perceptions in consumers' minds. It's easy to trade the long-term, strategic growth that comes from publishing authoritative content for short-term quantity goals that boost web traffic right now. But which strategy will sustain a business for years to come? Quality always trumps quantity in the long-run.Furthermore, I agree that it's essential to make your content flexible and intelligent. Recently, I shared a list of 15 ways to diversify your authoritative content to give it a longer life and reach a broader audience. The key is to create content that helps you meet your goals by delivering something meaningful to the audience that will consume it. Not everyone likes to consume content in the same ways, so it's imperative that you offer diverse brand experiences that give them the opportunity to self-select how they want to consume your content and interact with your brand.Whether you publish content online to build a business or strictly to communicate news and information, the rules of authoritative content still apply. Create high quality, flexible, and intelligent content that ties directly to your overall business or publishing strategy, and your authoritative content will drive long-term, organic, sustainable growth for many years to come.Image: Dave Smith

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