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A recent report by Sysomos reveals some of the key demographics about bloggers in 2010.  Using the company's social media monitoring and analytics platform, over 100 million blog posts were analyzed that provided information related to the blogger's age, gender, and location.  Some of the results are included below, and you can read the full report on the Sysomos website.First, males and females are equally interested in blogging with 49.9% of bloggers in the study identified as male and 50.1% identified as female.When it comes to age, everyone seems to be blogging, but certain age groups are more active in the blogging world than others.  The chart below shows the breakdown.  Notice that over half of all bloggers in the study were between the ages of 21-35.  Unfortunately, the report did not specify what kind of content the bloggers published and what topics they wrote about, which would add a much more interesting element to the findings.

When it comes to where the bloggers are, the answer is clearly the United States.  According to the Sysomos report, there are four times more bloggers in the United States than the next biggest blogging country, the United Kingdom.Sysomos takes the geographic analysis a step further by identifying where bloggers in the United States and Canada are, and it turns out that California is the blogging capital of the United States with almost twice as many bloggers as the next biggest blogging state - New York.  Check out the chart below for a more detailed view of U.S. bloggers by state.

Is your state or country included in the Sysomos research results?  What do you think?  Any surprises in this data?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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