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The iPhone 4S launched in seven countries this week, and within the first three days, 4 million units were sold. It's surely the "it" gadget of the moment, but should content publishers care?It's up to each publisher to determine whether a mobile device like the iPhone 4S will help them meet their goals and publish more authoritative content.Following are several reasons why the iPhone 4S matters to many content publishers:

1. Great Mobile Video Camera

More online publishers are producing video content every day, and the iPhone 4S has a better video camera than ever at 1080 megapixels. It's perfect for video interviews at trade shows, seminars, and more.

2. Excellent Mobile Photo Camera

The upgraded camera takes pictures faster than previous iPhone models and at a higher resolution. Apple also upgraded the lens and other features to improve the actual camera so you get better pictures.

3. Handy Mobile Syncing

Apple made sure its iCloud service was fully integrated into the iPhone 4S, so you can sync all of your content documents and work from your phone. In other words, you can access all of your files on all of your devices and computers all the time.

4. Super Speed

Thanks to a faster processor and two antennas, you can work faster and be more productive. It's a huge time saver!

5. Cool Siri Voice Command

Apple's Siri voice recognition feature is still in beta, so it's not perfect. However, it sure is cool and makes the iPhone 4S one step closer to being a truly hands free device.Bottom-line, very few people need an iPhone 4S to be great content publishers, but it's more than a flashy new gadget. The iPhone 4S actually does include features that can improve your life as a content publisher by speeding up tasks, making it easier to complete tasks on the go, and improving the quality of your image and video content captured when you're mobile.What do you think of the iPhone 4S? Are you going to rush out and get one? Or did you already get yours?Image: Brett Jordan

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