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The highly anticipated iPad launch happened this week with hundreds of thousands of people lining up to get their hands on the latest gadget from Apple.  With its color display, handy apps, and cool vibe, it's not surprising that the Internet has been buzzing over this new toy.However, the iPad is more than just a toy.  It's being called a game-changer for the publishing industry.  I think it might be more of a wake-up call that the publishing industry has been ignoring like a snooze button.  They can't ignore it anymore.  The iPad is here and consumers have taken notice.Predictions tell us that the majority of news and information will be consumed digitally in the not so distant future.  That means not only is it too late for the publishing industry to turn back the clocks, but the advertising industry must adapt, too.  It's an exciting yet confusing time to be a content consumer.One thing is for certain though -- since Apple takes 30% of any sale made through the Apple iTunes store (including app sales), the door is wide open for competition.  And that can only mean better things for consumers.Related post: Consumers Weigh in on iPad and eReadersImage: Flickr