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YouTube Creator Playbook Media Companies

In 2011, YouTube released the YouTube Creator Playbook, which is a fantastic resource to help online publishers improve their online video content. Now, YouTube is offering niche YouTube Creator Playbooks for media companies and non-profit organizations as well as for the music, sports, and education categories.For online publishers, the best place to start is the current YouTube Creator Playbook.Once you've read that guide, take a look at the YouTube Creator Playbook for Media Companies. It's filled with tips to help you launch your YouTube channel, brand your video content, and organize and upload your video content. A long list of resources is provided as well as a great optimization priority list, which gives you a variety of activities that you should be doing if you have one hour, one hour per week, or one hour per day.The optimization priority list focuses on five priority guiding principles:1. Metadata: These activities enable you to maximize descriptions and tag space by creating YouTube-specific titles and custom thumbnails for your video content.2. Annotations: Annotations are one of the best underutilized features that YouTube offers video publishers. The activities in this section of the priority list show you how to create links between your videos and other videos on your channel as well as how to create annotated calls to action (such as subscription invitations).3. Knowledge: These activities help you identify other channels that reach your target audience, so you can better understand how they acquire audiences and look for cross-promotion opportunities.4. Organization: This section of the optimization priority list enables you to maximize your channel's appeal so you can increase subscribers and build a loyal audience.5. Social: These activities teach you how to use social media to promote your content and build your audience.You can follow the link to download each category-specific YouTube Creator Playbook.Image: YouTube

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