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In an effort to stave off copyright lawsuits, YouTube has enhanced the  Copyright Center portion of the site's Help section, created new video tutorials about copyright law, and launched a new Copyright School.Many user-generated videos published across the web are in violation of copyright law. Most people don't even realize they've violated the law in their online videos. As announced on the YouTube blog today, if a YouTube user publishes a video that is in violation of copyright law, they won't just receive a warning anymore. Instead, they won't be allowed to upload any new videos to their account until they attend Copyright School.Don't worry. It's not as bad as it sounds (unlike the dreaded Traffic School in the U.S.). The YouTube Copyright School is actually quite simple and requires attendees to watch a video about copyright law and then complete a brief online quiz to prove they actually watched the entire video.You can avoid going to Copyright School by educating yourself about copyright law if you're not already familiar with how copyrights affect your online video content. Check out the video created by YouTube below to get started.

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