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Do you want to increase search traffic to your YouTube videos and channel? If you publish Authoritative Content through online videos, then people should get the chance to view them.Search Engine Journal offers a great YouTube optimization guide that can help boost the exposure to your content. The guide is broken down into the following sections:

YouTube Channel Optimization

  • Channel settings - Title, tags, visibility, email and more is covered here.
  • Channel themes and colors - No optimization tips are provided but color choices certainly do affect viewer perceptions and the user experience once they arrive at your YouTube channel.
  • Modules - For optimization, the Commenting, Subscriptions, and Friends modules are recommended.
  • Videos and playlists - From featured videos to creating playlists, your channel configuration has a big impact on optimization.
  • Profile - This section includes tips related to your name, website URL, description, and additional links.

YouTube Video Optimization

  • Content - Suggestions related to quality, keywords, and scripts are offered.
  • Info and settings - The guide provides recommendations related to your video title and description, including using keywords,  links, and more.
  • Tags - This is an extremely important part of video optimization according to Search Engine Journal, so the guide offers tips related to keyword quantity and formatting.
  • Thumbnail - The thumbnail image makes your video more interesting and increases the likelihood that people will click on it and watch it.
  • Broadcasting and sharing options - Set your video to public, use a standard YouTube license, and allow comments, comment voting, video responses, ratings, embedding, and syndication.
  • Captions and subtitles - The guide provides instructions to correctly create transcripts and captions. Since YouTube videos are converted into Java (which cannot be crawled by search engines), adding transcripts and captions is critical.

The Serach Engine Journal YouTube Video Optimization Guide also offers some video promotion tips. For example, you should embed your videos in your blog and website, and you should syndicate them through social networking websites.  Of course, licensed syndication through Newstex is a great way to give your online videos additional exposure and earn some money from the videos you already made.Be sure to follow the above link to read the entire guide from Search Engine Journal, and for more online video promotion and search tips, check out these posts that have appeared on the Newstex blog over the past year:

Do you publish online videos? What's your top tip for optimization or promotion? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.Image: stock.xcnhg

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