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According to eMarketer, 18 million U.S. adults access Twitter at least monthly in 2009, and that number is expected to grow to 26 million in 2010.  However, when you put those numbers alongside of the statistics released by Sysomos earlier this year, the story changes a bit.


The Sysomos statistics told us that over 85% of Twitter users publish fewer than 1 tweet per day and 5% of Twitter users make up for 75% of all activity on Twitter.Another new study from Penn State of 1 million Twitter accounts reports that 20% of all tweets  mention brands, specifically as requests for product information or responses to those requests.So what does this tell us?

  1. Twitter is still growing but the recipe for success has yet to be discovered.
  2. There is value in Twitter, but few are leveraging it.
  3. Active Twitter users are discussing products, brands and business.

The key is to start tweeting, be social, publish useful information, and keep doing it consistently.  Syndicating your Twitter feed through Newstex provides another way to connect with influential professionals and let your tweets work for you.

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