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There is a significant opportunity for Authoritative Content publishers to repurpose their content and give it more exposure using Pinterest. The visual bookmarking site enables you to create virtual pinboards dedicated to topics of your choice, pin relevant content to those pinboards, like other people's pinboards, and comment on other people's pins.The Pinterest audience is growing rapidly, and while early adopters are primarily women, the audience gets bigger and more diverse every day. Following are five easy ways that you can extend your authoritative content to this growing audience using Pinterest:1. How-To PinboardsDo you publish how-to content, tutorials, and step-by-step lessons? You can create a How-To pinboard (or multiple How-To pinboards dedicated to specific topics) and pin all of your related how-to content to it. Just make sure your content includes a relevant and interesting image that will be the visual bookmark for the content. These types of pinboards are highly shareable, because people can learn all about a specific topic in one place.2. Research and Statistics PinboardsDo you publish content about research, data, and statistics related to a specific industry, audience, or group? Creating pinboards dedicated to research and statistics content is a great way to share that content in a visual way. Include a chart or infographic in your content and pin those images to the pinboard. When people click on the pins, they can visit your content for the complete story.3. Quote PinboardsDo you write content that includes useful, motivational, educational, or inspirational quotes that your target audience would find interesting on their own? The quotes could be from you and pulled directly from your original content or they could be quotes from other people such as experts in your field, celebrities, politicians, authors, and so on. If you include a quote in your content, you can pin it to a Quotes pinboard on Pinterest, which can link back to your content where the audience can read the quote in context.4. Resources PinboardsDo you write book reviews? Do you publish ebooks, infographics, or white papers? Do you sponsor or participate in events? All of these are great resources for your audience, so give them more exposure by pinning them to related Resources pinboards on Pinterest.5. Video PinboardsYou can pin videos on Pinterest, too. Do you create and publish your own videos? Do you discuss videos created by other people or organizations in your content? You can create video pinboards on Pinterest dedicated to niche topics and pin your own videos or videos published publicly online by other people to those pinboards.Don't be afraid to get creative with your use of Pinterest to repurpose and extend your Authoritative Content. Giving people more ways to find your content is critical to growing your online and offline audiences.Image: Brett Weinstein