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The innovative B2B content companies chosen to deliver a 5-minute presentation to an audience of key decision makers as part of the SIIA Previews 2013 have been announced.During the IIS Breakthrough event being held from January 30-31, 2013 in New York City, presenting companies will also have 5-minutes for audience Q&A and an opportunity to showcase their companies to IIS attendees during the SIIA Previews and CODIEs Showcase and Networking reception. To top things off, the IIS audience will vote on the company they believe is most likely to succeed.Following are the companies that will present at SIIA Previews 2013:Automated InsightsAutomated Insights provides real-time automation services with technology that automatically transforms raw data into narratives (articles, summaries, and headlines), visualizations (charts, tables, graphs), and interactive applications (mobile and Twitter/Facebook-based social applications).

"We use technology to humanize big data, and automate knowledge and insight at scale."

Buzzient, Inc.Buzzient, Inc. provides Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables companies to leverage social media (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) for better customer service. The company's Buzzient Enterprise application makes it easy for companies to directly support customers on social media channels or integrate social data with existing customer service applications from Oracle,, NetSuite, and others.

"The problem Buzzient addresses is that with the rapid growth of social media, consumers now go first to the social channel for registering complaints. F5000 companies are unable to support their customers on this channel unless they can integrate social with their existing customer service, marketing, sales, and supply chain applications."

Consensus Point, Inc.Consensus Point is a social analytics software company that provides a cloud-based prediction market research platform called Huunu to revolutionize market research using gaming techniques, crowdsourcing, and its own prediction market algorithm. Huune rewards both respondent accuracy and participation to engage the community and more accurately and efficiently predict future outcomes, including concept testing and product sales forecasts.

"Huunu brings gamification and social techniques, along with the proven science of our prediction market algorithm, to market research and market intelligence."

Datamyne, Inc.Datamyne gathers data from manifests, bills of lading, and other official government documents covering the import and expert transactions of 50 countries in five continents and provides that data as international trade intelligence to global companies. Clients use the data to identify and analyze market opportunities, locate and qualify supply sources, benchmark supply chain performance, and stay ahead of competitors.

"Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple to do complex market and sourcing research."

DelveDelve provides a curated news reader, which is personalized for each employee, and a simple social layer to share relevant stories with colleagues in order to inform employees and educate teams.

"Delve saves professionals time and turns news into knowledge inside organizations."

EnlytonEnlyton is a cloud-based enterprise search and content discovery company. Using its mathematical semantic technology, clients can discover both internal and third-party content, inventory it, organize it, connect it, and present it using creative search-based applications.

"Enterprises get a flexible, lower cost solution, and digital asset managers get a simple interface to organize and create search-based applications for their audiences."

GustGust provides a global, secure, infrastructure platform for the "early stage entrepreneurial finance ecosystem." Investors on Gust find new investment opportunities, connect with entrepreneurs, and manage their deal flow. Entrepreneurs use Gust to find the right investors and manage all their investor and mentor relationships. Accelerators, incubators, business plan competitions, universities and governments use Gust for applications, Demo Days, collaboration and regional portals.

"Gust provides investors, entrepreneurs, and all the organizations that support them, with everything needed to connect and collaborate on funding decisions and investor relations from pitch to exit."

MovableMediaMovaableMedia helps brands and publishers measure and compensate the contributions of authors hired to create custom content under the assumption that these authors can be a significant source of distribution and audience when their contributions are measured and compensated appropriately. MoveableMedia created the ("Author Tag") technology to help authors move their audiences.

"Movable media is focused on opening the author channel for brands and publishers."

PublishThisPublishThis is a cloud-based content marketing platform that makes it easy for brands, retailers, media companies, and trade associations to publish fresh, compelling content across all of their marketing channels so businesses can better engage customers, build thought leadership, improve competitive intelligence, increase lead conversion, and reduce digital publishing costs. Within minutes, content feeds can be curated with a mix of the company's own library of content and real-time web content for any topic. That content can be published to websites, microsites, newsletters, tablets, and social pages with little or no IT support.

"PublishThis has developed a unique content discovery engine that marries next-generation semantic search technology, social monitoring, and human curation tools to deliver brands a faster, more efficient, technology-driven solution to scale their content marketing and publishing efforts."

Visual Revenue Inc.Visual Revenue provides online editors with real-time recommendations on what content to place in which position on their digital newsroom home page, section front pages, or article pages and how long to keep a piece of content in the recommended position. The platform uses a proprietary model that can predict the performance of a piece of content 30-minutes into the future. Editors get real-time, position-specific performance data and recommendations as well as the ability to test headlines instantly.

"We've approached the product development from an editorial (rather than analyst) stand point and have created a unique offering that separates us from more traditional analytics companies."

Congratulations to all of the innovative content companies that have been chosen to present at the 2013 SIIA Previews during the upcoming IIS Breakthrough conference!If you haven't already registered for IIS Breakthrough, there is still time to do so. Just follow the link to register now.

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