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This week we are in dry San Francisco (as opposed to the soggy wet east coast) for the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Content Forum which also includes the Codie Award presentation. We hope to blog more about that on Wednesday (fingers crossed as we are nominated in two categories).

Today, in partnership with MuseGlobal, we announced BlogAlertsâ„¢, a new product that delivers blog content to information providers and enterprise customers beyond our Blogs On Demand full text product.

The Newstex BlogAlerts™ product involves two steps. 1) Enterprise customers specify topics of interest, from which Newstex in turn generates personalized alerts drawn from the content of millions of scanned blogs. 2) The resulting blog content matches are further refined by the Newstex NewsRouter® system, which in real-time automatically tags each blog post with key company names, stock tickers, notable executives and government officials, as well as categorizes each post by topics using a high-precision, relevance-based processing engine. Newstex then delivers the resulting feed of refined blog content in easy-to-integrate NewsML format to downstream redistributors and enterprise customers for use in their respective content offerings.

BlogAlerts provides links to the blog post versus the Blogs On Demand product provides the full text of each blog post.  We believe both products complement each other in the ever expanding blog universe.

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