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During the month of October 2006 when WordPress was just starting out, 595,412 posts were published on blogs using the WordPress-hosted application at Those 595,412 posts generated an impressive 25.6 million pages views during the same month.Fast forward just 8 years later.During the month of December 2014, 409 million people generated more than 17.8 billion page views for blogs and websites (and self-hosted WordPress blogs and websites that use the Jetpack plugin and are part of the WordPress network).During the same month of 2014, 49.8 million new posts were published and 61.5 million legitimate comments (not spam comments blocked by the Akismet comment spam WordPress plugin) were produced. In addition, 6.1 million new pages were published during December 2014, and 23.6 million files were uploaded to blogs.WordPress users are also embedding content from a variety of other sites using embed shortcodes. For example, during December 2014, users embedded 26.8 million YouTube videos, 50.1 million Flickr images, and 20.0 million Photobucket images to their WordPress blogs and websites.Bottom-line, the amount of content being generated by WordPress users each month is astounding, and it keeps on growing. Visit the activity page to find these stats and more as well as an interactive world map that shows posts, comments, and likes in real-time.In fact, overall interest in WordPress shows no signs of slowing down either. Based on Google Trends data shown in the chart below, people conducted searches related to WordPress more than twice as often as they did for Blogger in December 2014, more than four times as often as they did for SharePoint, and more than nine times as often as they did for Drupal.WordPress isn't just popular among small bloggers. It's used by many of the biggest companies and media organizations in the world and in every industry.News organizations like The New York Times, CNN, NBC, USA Today, Fortune, Reuters, and News Corp use WordPress as do Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy, eBay, GM, UPS, and Sony. Some of the most popular blogs use WordPress, including AllThingsD, Gigaom, TechCrunch, and Mashable. Sports organizations like the National Football League and Major League Baseball use WordPress and so do celebrities like Katy Perry and Jay-Z. Even Facebook and Spotify use WordPress as their blogging application!Today, the number of people creating content---whether it's in blog or traditional website format---continues to grow, and WordPress is the blogging application market share leader with no signs of losing the top spot. WordPress and blogging are here to stay!Image: Nikolay Bachiyski licensed CC BY 2.0

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