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Twitter is by far the fastest growing social Web site in history, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  Everyday, people are tweeting about companies, brands and products.  The problem is that there is no perfect way to search Twitter for this kind of information.Even Twitter’s Twitter 101 for Business guide offers only slightly helpful advice by telling businesses to conduct a site search to find conversations happening “right now” on Twitter.  That’s great, but what about conversations that happened a few days ago?  And what about finding all of the conversations happening on Twitter about your brand, company or products?  A Twitter site search is not an exact science and doesn’t always deliver all of the results you might be looking for nor does the search function always deliver relevant results.Instead of searching Twitter everyday (Twitter searches only go back a few days so repeated searching is a necessary evil to stay on top of brand and business conversations), Newstex offers an easier way to find company, brand and product information through its NewsTwits Twitter feed syndication service.  The Newstex feed of authoritative Twitter users’ content provides a complete archive of tweets allowing users to categorize searches and find relevant and comprehensive results faster and more accurately than a simple Twitter site search can provide.With NewsTwits from Newstex, content distributors get a full text archival feed of tweets, and end-user customers get an answer to a common problem - finding and tracking online conversations about their companies, brands and products.  Since NewsTwits search results appear alongside other information already found in their search results from Newstex’s authoritative news and blog publishers, no extra steps are necessary to stay on top of those powerful and fast-moving online conversations happening on the social Web.Distributors can contact Newstex to learn more about adding Newstex NewsTwits from Newstex’s Blogs On Demand publishers to their current feeds and provide another valuable tool to their clients.And if you're a blogger or online content producer, you can syndicate your content through Newstex Blogs On Demand and your Twitter updates through NewsTwits.  Contact Newstex for details (new Newstex publisher inquiries -- click here; current Newstex Blogs On Demand publishers who would like to syndicate their Twitter feeds through NewsTwits can click here).