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This special edition of the Publisher INsider series highlights pharmaceutical and consumer products company Johnson & Johnson's online video content that is part of Newstex Video On Demand.


The Johnson & Johnson Health Channel provides educational videos to consumers covering a wide variety of health topics that appeal to a diverse audience.  The content delivered in the Johnson & Johnson Health Channel (JNJhealth) videos is informational and intended to supplement viewers' conversations with their doctors under the assumption that the best patients and healthiest people are well educated and well informed.JNJhealth launched less than a year ago and already contains over 100 educational videos, which discuss illnesses, diseases, healthy living, and more.  For example, some of the most popular videos from JNJhealth are about gastric bypass surgery, ADHD, and yoga for children.  Some of the videos are purely educational while others tell stories about people struggling with illnesses and finding treatments and help.A recent video follows Dr. Elisa Zied, author of So What Can I Eat?, through a grocery store as she discusses diet and nutrition for seniors in the second part of a video series on the subject.  The information is useful and presented in a clear and professional manner as one would expect from one of the largest consumer products companies in the world.If you're looking for information about your health and healthy living, JNJhealth is a good place to start your search.Newstex Video On Demand distributors can offer videos from JNJhealth to your customers.  If  you’re an online publisher and you’d like more information about syndicating your own content through Newstex, just contact us!