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Time for the Publisher INsider where we highlight some of the most      INovative, INteresting and INspirational content providers that are   part    of Newstex Authoritative Content.This month, the Publisher INsider profiles Market News Video whose online video content is offered through Newstex Authoritative   Content.

Market News Video operates with a clear focus according to its mission statement -- "to produce and distribute quality online videos about the stock markets and publicly traded companies."  A brief perusal of any one of the videos from Market News Video demonstrates that the mission is being met.The video content published by Market News Video is well written and produced.  Videos feature professional on-air talent and offer timely, authoritative information to anyone with an interest in stocks. Market News Video content is published throughout the day, and the various videos published each day cover a variety of topics.You can find videos about daily dividends, large caps, market movers, economic news, upgrades and downgrades, weekly market wrap-ups, and looks into the week ahead.  Most videos are short, so it's easy to get the information you need quickly.  You can even sign up to receive emails when new videos are published about the specific stocks that interest you the most.In order to offers its video content free-of-charge through the Market News Video website, the site and videos include advertisements.  Additionally, Market News Video partners with news portals and syndication companies, such as Newstex, to offer its content to a broader audience and generate additional revenue to help support the site.Market News Video is a perfect example of authoritative content.  You can follow the link to check out some of the videos from Market News Video.