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This week's special edition of the Publisher INsider series highlights online video content producer One Degree -- part of Newstex Video On Demand.  One Degree is also part of Newstex Blogs On Demand.


One Degree uses a tagline that sums up the site's purpose perfectly, "The inside scoop on digital marketing and social media for Canadian marketers."  One Degree prides itself as being, " about connectedness as in 'with this site you are one degree away from every other Canadian online marketer' or 'from this site you can reach every online marketer that matters.'"  I love that description!One Degree is owned by Contributing Editor in Chief Kate Trgovak, and Rosemary Rowe is the Managing Editor.  Along with a group of contributing writers, the One Degree team interviews social marketing gurus and offers the videos on the One Degree website, the One Degree YouTube channel and on Viddler.  One Degree videos are also provided through Newstex Video On Demand.The One Degree team has published video interviews with a wide variety of online marketing thought leaders, including well-known experts like Steve Rubel.  Many of the interviews focus on best practices in social media and online marketing.  Topics covered include: community building, domain names, word-of-mouth marketing, website usability, and much more.One Degree is one of Canada's leading publications about digital marketing, social media and online communications, and the talented team of contributors who write and conduct interviews are creating a great repository of useful information and conversations that people from around the world can use and learn from, even if you're not from Canada.NewstexVideo On Demand distributors and Blogs On Demand distributors can provide content from One Degree to your customers.  If  you’re an online publisher and you’d like more information about syndicating your own content through Newstex, just contact us!