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Time for the Publisher INsider where we highlight some of the most INovative, INteresting and INspirational content providers that are part of Newstex Blogs On Demand and Video On Demand.This month, the Publisher INsider profiles The Frugal Tech Show whose podcast content is offered through Newstex Video On Demand.


The Frugal Tech Show is hosted by Ken Hess and Jason Perlow.  The show is available through Blog Talk Radio, a site that makes it easy for anyone to host an audio show online.  The Frugal Tech Show content is also syndicated through Newstex.The purpose of The Frugal Tech Show is to bring together professionals working in the information technology (IT) field to discuss current practices and ways to become more economical and work more frugally in their jobs.  The Frugal Tech Show attracts guests from around the world who are IT industry experts and very capable of sharing their authoritative views, tips and suggestions to others in the IT profession in order to help them work more frugally.At a time when the economy demands that professionals become more frugal, The Frugal Tech Show provides an insightful perspective into being frugal in the IT industry:

There is no doubt that the current economic situation makes the content on The Frugal Tech Show even more timely and important.  But what's most interesting about The Frugal Tech Show is the description of 'frugal' by the shows hosts:Being frugal means more than just being cheap. It means changing your thinking and practices to get the most from what you have. Frugality also means spending your money wisely and putting that money to good use.You should be frugal when times are good so that the so-called 'lean' times don't devastate you and your business or livelihood.

Recent guests on The Frugal Tech Show have been IT executives and managers from well-known companies such as Microsoft, and conversations have spanned topics as diverse as virtualization to security and everything in between -- always with a focus on frugality.If you work in the IT field or just want to learn more from authoritative professionals in the IT industry, The Frugal Tech Show provides a great go-to place.Podcast audio content is distributed through Newstex Video On Demand. Distributors can offer videos from The Frugal Tech Show to your customers.  If  you’re an online publisher and you’d like more information about syndicating your own content through Newstex, just contact us!