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Time for the Publisher INsider where we highlight some of the most   INovative, INteresting and INspirational content providers that are part   of Newstex Authoritative Content.This month, the Publisher INsider profiles Tubefilter whose video interview  content is offered through Newstex Authoritative  Content.

A description of Tubefilter can't get better than the following from the Tubefilter Web site:

Our mission at Tubefilter is  simple – to grow the audience of web television. Our news division, Tubefilter News, is the leading  authority in episodic web television and web series.

Tubefilter focuses on finding and highlighting the best Web television programming and online videos amidst the online clutter.  The company even created a special recognition program -- the Streamy Awards -- to draw attention to quality online video.  Whether that video is created by studios or individuals doesn't matter.  As long as the content is great, Tubefilter wants to find it and share it, giving it the audience it deserves.The Tubefilter channel on Dailymotion includes a long list of videos featuring event coverage (recently, the 2010 Streamy Awards Red Carpet live videos were included), interviews, and more.  The video content ranges from informative and educational to entertaining.Tubefilter is described as being, "the leading digital entertainment media company covering the Web TV  industry," and "the definitive source for industry news, program reviews,  industry events and  online entertainment market intelligence services."As online video content continues to grow in popularity and availability, Tubefilter is poised for great success and growth as "The Web Television Company" differentiating authoritative content from what Tubefilter refers to as "the web video shuffle."