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In this special edition of the Publisher INsider series, we take a look at GlobalPost - a highly INovative, INteresting and INspirational content provider that is part of Newstex Content On Demand.


GlobalPost is a start-up company that launched in January 2009, but don't let its "newness" fool you.  In just two months, GlobalPost has built an online audience that delivers over 1 million page views per month.  What makes GlobalPost so INteresting?  Some people are calling it the next generation of news delivery.GlobalPost operates using a unique business model.  You've probably heard the debates about the future of printed newspapers and for-profit news organizations.  With the amount of free content available online, for-profit journalism outlets have been struggling to find a financial model to support their businesses.  Enter GlobalPost.GlobalPost describes its business as: is a new, U.S.-based but truly international news service. GlobalPost serves readers around the globe with in-depth multimedia reporting from more than 60 international correspondents. Our outstanding team of award-winning journalists includes more than 45 country-based correspondents, as well as beat reporters and analysts covering international business, energy, technology, health, environmental issues and a host of other specialties. Click here to see our growing list of recognized international correspondents and editors.  GlobalPost fields the largest international news team of any U.S. journalism company, second only to the Associated Press cooperative.

Sound interesting?  It is.  GlobalPost's correspondents include some of the most seasoned journalists who are given the freedom to tell the stories people want to hear without political bias.  GlobalPost journalists live in the countries they report from and offer their own unique voices (from a U.S. perspective) harkening back to the "old days" of reporting. Access to the news, stories, videos and more on is free, but a paid section of the site is available, called Passport, which provides more in-depth, specialized content than the average "news browser" might be interested in.  That paid subscription service, in combination with advertising revenue, is what the founders of GlobalPost hope will keep the business growing.  It certainly seems to be working so far.Read The New York Times write-up about Global Post.Newstex Content On Demand distributors can now offer content from GlobalPost to your customers.  If  you're an online publisher and you’d like more information about syndicating your own content through Newstex, just contact us!