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Pictures and videos just got bigger on Twitter. Yesterday, Twitter rolled out some updates to make it easier for users to view photos and videos on profiles and in search results. This is just one more Twitter feature that online publishers can use to extend the reach of their content in a visual way.First, images and videos shared on Twitter will be bigger than ever, so people can actually see them! Second, users can click on images and view them without leaving the page! No more hitting the back button after viewing an image and being met with the perpetual spinning wheel followed by a message telling you that tweets can't be loaded at this time.For video viewing, users will be happy to hear that videos got bigger, too. Like the new image feature, Twitter users can now view videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter's own Vine tool, and other video partners without leaving the page. If you're not familiar with Vine yet, it's a free mobile tool that enables you to capture and share looping videos with sound of 6 seconds or less. Vine is currently available for iPhones and iPod touch devices only. ItAnother big update came to Twitter conversations. With a simple mouse click, users can see more of the tweets in a conversation than they could before the change. Not only should this please users but it should also boost engagement rates on Twitter, particularly among larger groups.Already, individuals, celebrities, and brands are using these new Twitter features. It's only been a week since Vine announced that it had been acquired by Twitter and the tool rolled out to Twitter users en masse, but already Paul McCartney, the Brooklyn Nets, Malibu Rum, and many other Twitter accounts have published short videos using Vines.You can see some great examples of videos shared with Vine on the Vine blog. Have you tried any of the new Twitter features yet?Image: Vine via iTunes

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