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The term syndication has a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. For example, Newstex provides licensed blog syndication as part of its package of Authoritative Content offerings to professionals and influencers.

But what does licensed blog syndication mean, and how can it help bloggers? What makes it different from other kinds of syndication?

A new FREE ebook from Newstex, The Truth about Blog Syndication, makes sense of all the myths, confusion, and hearsay about blog syndication.

For example, did you know that there are three primary syndication models and they all affect bloggers differently? The truth of the matter is simple -- blog syndication offers a variety of benefits to bloggers, but first you need to understand what those syndication models are and weed through the rumors to get to what’s real.

You can download The Truth about Blog Syndication here. Feel free to share it, tweet it, link to it, blog about it, and talk about it.

The only way that people will really understand the truth about blog syndication is by learning the facts first.

If you have any questions about blog syndication or licensing your blog content for syndication through Newstex, contact Newstex today.

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