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In the November 2009 issue of Information Today magazine, writer Barbara Brynko offers an article called "Newstex: The Voice of Authoritative Content".In the article, Barbara discusses the new Newstex branding that I announced here on the Newstex blog last month (read about it here) as well as the new Newstex iPhone app (you can read about that on the Newstex blog here).As Newstex President Larry Schwartz says in the Information Today article, "As the web gets more cluttered everyday, Newstex cuts through the clutter.  We give end users reliable content."  And as Larry explains, since the content comes "from the experts like the Associated Press, Gawker, the McClatchy-Tribune, and the Digital Journal," end users have easy access to the trustworthy content they need to do their jobs.You can follow the link to read the full article about Newstex Authoritative Content in Information Today magazine.