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Today, PR Newswire announced the release of its new mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch, which was designed and developed by Newstex.The PR Newswire mobile app gives users direct access to  news, press releases, photos, and videos from their iPhones, iPod touch  devices.  Soon, the app will also be available for use on iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices.The PR Newswire mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.  Users can search for content by  keyword, stock symbol, or industry topic and save those searches, too.   Users can also share content through email, Facebook, LinkedIn and  Twitter.  Additionally, users can interact with PR Newswire’s ProfNet and PRNewswire  Twitter feeds and access queries from ProfNet via the PR Newswire mobile  app.Check out the video from PR Newswire below to see photos of the new PR Newswire mobile app in action (note the video does not include audio).You can read the complete press release from PR Newswire here and get more information about the app here.