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Welcome to the new Newstex website, which has been updated to reflect Newstex Authoritative Content.Newstex Authoritative Content is a new brand concept for the news, commentary, opinion and video content that Newstex collects from respected publishers and delivers to top distributors.   Authoritative Content is the useful and meaningful information published by experts, professionals, industry thought leaders, knowledgeable individuals and organizations that end users such as businesspeople, academics, journalists, attorneys, and others can trust.“The Web gets more cluttered everyday and finding reliable content from credible sources is challenging and time consuming,” explains Newstex president Larry Schwartz.  “In other words, all content is not created equal.  Authoritative Content cuts through the clutter by finding and delivering carefully chosen, superior content to people who need it.”Newstex collects content from editorially-selected news organizations, bloggers, video publishers, and Twitter users.  Newstex enhances that content by standardizing it, adding useful tags, and categorizing it to assist with searches and delivers it to leading distributors who provide it to their customers.  Customers need quick access to trustworthy content, and Authoritative Content delivers it directly to them.Authoritative Content publishers include newspapers such as the McClatchy-Tribune and the Associated Press; blogs such as Digital Journal, Gawker, Blogging Stocks and Engadget; video publishers such as SBTV and PRNewswire’s MultiVu; and Twitter publishers, including the content from all members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. Federal Agencies, and Canadian Parliament.“The world has changed and the lines between traditional journalism and user-generated content have blurred significantly,” says Schwartz.  “Today, respected, meaningful and useful information can come from a variety of sources, including blogs, Twitter, social media, and newspapers.  Professionals who need access to credible information to do their jobs everyday understand that the sources for that information don’t exist only within the boundaries of traditional journalism.  Authoritative Content provides that trustworthy information from a variety of sources, which enables customers to access a wider variety of respected news, commentary and opinion than ever before.  It’s a full content package that customers can rely on.”Newstex also released free ebooks about blog, Twitter and video licensed syndication, which you can download here and learn more about the process and benefits to publishers, distributors and customers:

You can learn more about syndicating your news, blog, Twitter, podcast or video content through Newstex here, or if you're a distributor interested in providing Authoritative Content to your customers, you can learn more here.