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We're very excited to announce the launch of a new iPhone and iPad app that Newstex developed with marketing speaker and author David Meerman Scott.  David's free mobile application is available from the iTunes store.The new iPhone and iPad app gives users mobile access to David's blog posts, Twitter updates, videos and online Amazon bookstore, so they can read his Authoritative Content anywhere and anytime. You can see some screenshots of the new app in action below.

David worked with Newstex to develop his mobile app in an effort to demonstrate the need for public relations, analyst relations and  investor relations departments of companies that they need to create such  applications to reach their audiences.  As David explains on his blog, Web Ink Now:

"I think companies need to extend the content delivery ideas of the  online media room to include development of mobile applications  specifically designed to provide information for the media, bloggers,  industry analysts, and financial analysts who cover the company.  An added benefit is that the applications can double as a tool to  reach employees and partners as well as existing and potential  customers.  The application should include such things as a real-time press  release feed, links to real-time updates on appropriate corporate blogs,  videos, a Twitter feed, event signups (such as press conferences), and  contact information."

The new David Meerman Scott iPhone and iPad app is the most recent mobile application that Newstex has developed for content publishers and more are on the way!  You can learn more about Newstex-developed mobile applications for PR Newswire, SIIA, and Newsonomics.