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pr newswire mobile app

Back in 2010, Newstex developed a new mobile app with PR Newswire, which gives users access to the news, photos, videos, and information they need when they need it. This week, the latest version of the PR Newswire mobile app was released for the iPad and iPhone.The PR Newswire mobile app was designed to give journalists, investors, and other professionals access to the same content that they can find on the PR Newswire website via their Apple mobile devices.The previous version of the app had a slight delay in delivering notifications, which doesn't exist anymore. The newest version of the app provides instant notifications when news becomes available that a user has identified as something they want to track. The new version also offers users customized language settings and enhanced features to subscribe to the content feeds that matter to them.The latest and greatest PR Newswire mobile app was developed with improving the user experience as the top priority. PR Newswire focused on user feedback to make the improvements that users truly wanted. Now, professionals can more effectively use the app to do their jobs. As mentioned above, they'll be alerted instantly when the content they need is available. Furthermore, they can easily share that content on Twitter, Facebook, and more.The app's interface is clean and easy to navigate. With enhanced views and search features, you can completely customize your view, so the news you need is always at your fingertips. You can see for yourself in the demo video below.

For nearly six decades, PR Newswire has led the commercial news distribution industry. Today, PR Newswire is also a leading provider of multimedia platforms that marketers, corporate communications professionals, investor relations professionals, sustainability officers, public affairs professionals, and journalists need to do their jobs and engage with their audiences.The PR Newswire mobile app developed with Newstex is an important part of that ongoing effort to deliver the information and tools professionals need when and where they need it.You can visit the iTunes store to download the PR Newswire mobile app.Follow the link to learn more about Newstex mobile app development.Image: PR Newswire